Napperby Preschool

Napperby Preschool is a small, friendly school based preschool which works closely with the school to provide a seamless transition for children preparing to start school.

At Napperby Preschool we believe that children learn in a happy, healthy, safe, friendly, caring, encouraging and educational environment. Children and their families are made to feel welcomed in a setting where their culture and the culture of others is celebrated and valued.

We believe children learn best when they are actively involved in open ended, fun play-based activities which are both child initiated and adult led. Individuals are supported and encouraged to be themselves, to follow their interests and to experience success.

At Napperby Preschool, children are actively encouraged to develop dispositions for learning which will help to promote a love of learning and equip them to become lifelong learners.


Preschool Dates and Times 2024

Odd weeks
Tuesday: 8.50am – 2.35pm
Thursday: 8.50 – 3.00pm

Even weeks
Tuesday: 8.50am – 2.35pm
Wednesday: 8.50am -3.00pm
Thursday: 8.50am – 3.00pm


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